Stephanie Chan
2009 National Honour Combo

Currently working in Los Angeles, CA as a Sound Designer at Crooked Tree Studios, Stephanie Chan has also been working freelance as a Composer/Sound Designer for video games, Film/TV and Animation for several years including promotional material for the Hong Kong World Vision Organization. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Stephanie Chan began full time studies in Boston on scholarship at The Berklee College of Music in 2009, completing a Bachelor’s degree with a dual major in Film Scoring & Electronic Production & Design and a minor in Video Game Scoring. Stephanie graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2013. Stephanie distinguished herself during her time at Berklee, winning numerous awards over the course of her studies. “I love creating audio for visuals, because it gives me the ability to explore the narrative. From there, I focus on the sound that allows me to tell the story in a way that enhances what the audience sees and feels. What really appeals to me about working in audio for visuals is the opportunity to collaborate with a team. I really enjoy being a part of the creative process in a group setting where everyone works towards a centralized goal. From concept artists, writers, directors, to fellow audio colleagues, there is an exchange of ideas, where everyone is on a mission to create the best final product.”